August 2014

JCB Employees Get Soaked for ALS Research

Date: 27-08-2014 / Author: kparrish
jcb backhoe
The “Ice Bucket Challenge” has gone viral in its attempts to raise money for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research. JCB's employees took the frigid plunge on Fri., Aug. 22 to support the cause. 
JCB offered its Savannah-area employees the chance to demonstrate their support for ALS research. Those who donated to the cause received the cold shower of a lifetime when multiple JCB backhoes doused them with enormous buckets full of icy water.

Register Today for Northwest Regional Crane Operator and Rigger Skills Competition

Date: 27-08-2014 / Author: kparrish

Registration is now open for Crane Institute Certification's first Regional Crane Operator and Rigger Skills Competition. The Northwest Regional Host, Industrial Training International (ITI), will hold the event at its training headquarters in Woodland, Wash., on Sept. 5, 2014.

Scaffold Builder Rodeo Kicks Off at SAIA Annual Convention

Date: 26-08-2014 / Author: kparrish

On July 28, the Inaugural Scaffold Builder Rodeo took place during the 2014 SAIA Convention in Austin, Texas. During the competition, teams competed to build and disassemble a scaffolding structure with the fastest time, focusing on safety and efficiency.

The competition began at noon with over 50 people in attendance.  This year’s participants included four teams of four builders each. Teams were presented a set of scaffold drawings 10 minutes prior to starting. They had one hour to build a duplicate of the structure shown in the drawings in accordance with OSHA standards.

Shoring Project Challenges Superior Scaffold Crews

Date: 25-08-2014 / Author: kparrish

Superior Scaffold was called into the Kaiserman Jewish Community Center to help shore up the ceiling joists so crews could repair the support brackets up against wall surrounding the indoor swimming pool. Challenging the project was that a scissor lift had to get in behind the scaffolding so crews could get to the brackets for the repairs. The second challenge was the water.