June 2016

Truck-Mounted Aerial Lifts Find Work Outside Utilities

Date: 22-06-2016 / Author: kparrish
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hinkel bronto lift

In the United States, truck-mounted aerials are often associated with the electrical utility industry. Larger models help build and maintain high-voltage transmission lines that stretch from tower to tower hundreds of feet above the countryside, and smaller models are a familiar sight installing and maintaining the distribution lines that carry vital electricity to homes, commercial buildings, factories, and other users.

Western Specialty Contractors Preserves Historic Brick Row House

Date: 22-06-2016 / Author: kparrish
jlg boom lift

Western Specialty Contractors was instrumental in preserving a historic 136-year-old brick row house in Des Moines, Iowa, and a JLG 460SJ telescopic boom lift helped the company do its work. 

The house, built in 1880 by a local business leader, was slated to be razed so that Iowa could expand its State Capitol grounds. The 440,000-lb. historic building was rescued when a private developer moved it four blocks to the city's East Village neighborhood and gave it new life as a restaurant.