December 2016

Manitowoc Model 11000 Crane Drives Pile at Hilltop Resort

Date: 19-12-2016 / Author: mlarson

Wren Works used a Manitowoc 11000-1 crawler crane to help build a retaining wall at the Mont du Lac Resort, a skiing destination in Superior, Wis. Rigged with 140 ft. of boom, the 110-USt crane lifted an 18.5-USt pile hammer to heights of 75 ft. to drive 14 H-piles. Gangs of timber that weighed 0.5 USt were then lifted to a height of 60 ft. and inserted between the piles to create a foundation for the retaining wall that will eventually shore up the resort’s new banquet room.

U.S. Battery Launches Endurance Plus Deep-Cycle Batteries

Date: 14-12-2016 / Author: mlarson

U.S. Battery Manufacturing’s new Endurance Plus deep-cycle batteries feature improved overall performance and higher ratings in an all-new red case and top.

The line-up includes US 2000XC2, US 8VGCXC2, and US 12VRXXC2 batteries that were re-designed to provide customers better value for higher performance batteries.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., Endurance Plus batteries feature molded-in UTL terminals that have torque values consistent with current burned-on UTL versions, with dual molded terminals available as an option.