JCB’s New Electric Teletruk Offers Forward Reach, No Emissions, No Noise

JCB’s new 66-40E electric Teletruk, fresh from its U.S. launch, delivers forward reach without emissions or noise.

The 66-40E is an industry exclusive among industrial forklifts. Like a telehandler, it offers forward reach in a market that has standardized straight-mast designs.

The name designates the units 6,600-lb. maximum capacity, its ability to lift 4,000 lbs. at full 7’ forward reach, and its electric powering.

Additionally, as the JCB’s newest zero-emissions model, the 66-40E Teletruk delivers the material handling capability of an industrial forklift with an exceptional operator environment.

This quiet machine is ideal for inside use and noise-sensitive environments, yet delivers world-class power, range, and the ability to work in any weather.

The 66-40E’s telescopic forward reach extends more than 7’. That lets it easily load or unload a standard flatbed truck from one side for better productivity and the ability to work in tight spaces.

The 6,600-lb. maximum lifting capacity gives the 66-40E heavy lifting capabilities that make it effective in multiple applications. The combination of forward reach and lifting capacity offers exceptional operator control for a wide variety of jobs including reaching into ships to remove cargo, reaching into the back of box trucks to remove pallets, and even reaching to the front of a cargo van from the back door.

“The introduction of an electric Teletruk is a long-awaited addition to our JCB Teletruk family,” said Rebecca Yates, product manager for Teletruks at JCB North America. “The 66-40E Teletruk expands the range from diesel and LPG powered Teletruks to a machine that runs on electric power and can work safely inside environmentally-restrictive areas, low emissions zones, and food storage operations.

Yates added, “This machine is also extremely efficient, powered by an 80V lead acid battery, using a stand-alone charger that can provide 8 hours of standard run time.”

Like all JCB machines, the 66-40E Teletruk is built with JCB innovation, setting the standard for ease of operation, comfort, and safety.

JCB’s unique Load Motion Control feature alerts the operator through simple, progressive green, amber, and red warning lights and progressively stops the lifting hydraulics when the maximum lifting capacity is reached, preventing forward tip.

The spacious cab is equipped with the JCB CommandPlus control panel and ergonomic controls for a comfortable environment that decreases operator fatigue while increasing productivity.

Additional standard features include: single-lever control and SMART hydraulics for improved operation; SPINTURN 90° rear axle that lets the machine turn in its own axis; SMART electric driveline; LED work lights, LED beacon, and reverse arm; LiveLink telematics with 5-year subscription.