MEC's New 60' Boom Lift can be Diesel, Electric, or Hybrid.

MEC's New 60' Boom Lift can be Diesel, Electric, or Hybrid.
MEC's New 60' Boom Lift can be Diesel, Electric, or Hybrid.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms, Kerman, Calif., has unveiled a brand-new 60-ft. boom lift that offers up to 750-lb. capacity, 60-ft. platform height, 42'8" of outreach, and can be powered by a diesel engine, a 72V  battery system, or hybrid power.

MEC's Business Support Manager Matthew Gauer, who is Project Manager for the 60-J development project, said, "The straight boom lift is the proverbial back bone of rental fleets across North America, and is a staple on nearly every job site I’ve set foot on.  MEC is entering this segment with a 60-ft. modern machine that has desirable features such as a continuously rotating turret, full-time four-wheel drive, and an 8-ft. basket – all standard."

Gauer added, "With our 60-J, we are aiming to earn market share in the heart of the boom-lift market by offering an advantageously equipped and competitively priced product."

The standard platform is a generous 8 ft. wide and 3'4" deep to provide a lot of working space for up to two people. It is mounted on a 6 ft. jib that has 135° of motion, and the platform rotates 180° degrees on the end of the jib, so precision positioning is easy. The platform can be entered from three sides, with a swing gate as the main entrance.

The 60-J has a restricted-envelope platform capacity of 750 lbs. and an unrestricted capacity of 500 lbs.

The boom and riser can be raised from stowed to full height in just 50 seconds, and the boom can be fully extended in 20 seconds. Turret tailswing is just 3'11". The boom extension system eliminates chains, cables, and their related maintenance.

The MEC 60-J boom lift can be driven with the platform at full height. With the platform stowed, the diesel-powered version can can travel at up to 4.4 mph.  and the battery version can reach 3.5 mph. Either model has an inside turning radius of just 6'6" and offers 13.5" of ground clearance.

The 60-J's stowed dimensions of 30'6" long, 8'0" wide, and 8'4" tall enable it to fit into tight work spaces or fit easily on a standard trailer. The diesel-powered model weighs 17,900 lbs., and the battery-powered version scales at 18,500 lbs.

Buyers of the 60-J can choose diesel or battery power as standard. A hybrid electric power system is optional at an additional cost. The diesel-powered unit has a 44-hp. Kubota engine, whereas the battery-powered unit has a 72V, 370 AH battery pack standard or a 420 AH battery pack as an option.

Other options include an electric extended auxiliary system, and the popular welding and generator packages.

Said Gauer, "One other neat feature that end users are really going to appreciate is a joystick-located enable switch – a departure from the traditional foot switches that other manufacturers use."

MEC will officially roll out the 60-J in booth 9755 at the American Rental Association's "The Rental Show" in New Orleans Feb. 22-25, 2015.


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