Powered Access OEM Snorkel Unveils High-Capacity Scissor Lifts at Bauma

powered access

Snorkel is unveiling the first in a new series of high-capacity rough-terrain scissor lifts at Bauma 2013.

The Snorkel S4390RT is ideal for construction applications. Preliminary specifications are for a machine with 43-ft. maximum platform height. Fitted with twin 51-in. deck extension, the scissor lift provide a large working area of 6 ft x 21'8" and a safe working load of 1,500 lbs.

The addition of high-capacity RT scissor lifts completes the Snorkel product range in all key segments. Snorkel produces more than 35 access platform equipment, including towable booms, push-around lifts and mast lifts, as well as self-propelled scissors and boom lifts

Snorkel is also launching two other global products at Bauma 2013 and updating one of its most popular machines.

The S3970RT is the third product in Snorkel’s existing compact rough-terrain scissor family. Built on Snorkel’s proven SRT chassis, the S3970RT provides a maximum platform height of 37'8" but is only 5'10" wide and 10'10" long. It is designed for working in confined spaces, such as in between buildings.

Snorkel is also further enhancing its leading range of low-level access platforms with the S1030E self-propelled mini-scissor lift. Providing a 10-ft. maximum platform height, the battery-powered S1030E is still lightweight enough for almost any floor with load-bearing restrictions. It can be driven at full height, delivering increased productivity and efficiency benefits over push-around low-level access platforms.

Also in the low-level access sector, Snorkel has enhanced its popular M1230E 11'11" platform height self-propelled mast lift with a 20-in. roll-out deck extension. This optional extra extends the platform size to 58 in., providing additional reach without the need to move the machine.