Redesigned Genie Website Now Live Globally

Genie Website

June 13, 2019 – Following the launch of the updated Genie website in North America in 2018, the newly redesigned site went live globally in April to include the brand’s Latin America, Asia, southeast Asia, Australia, and European regions.

Faster, easier, and more interactive than before, all sites also include a BIM tool to aid architecture, engineering, and construction professionals in planning their projects digitally.

“From researching and planning, to purchasing and training, customers are doing more business online. Refreshing our current site to offer a contemporary digital interface enables us to stay more closely connected with customers online — getting them what they need to know, when they need to know it,” says Aron Sweeney, Genie senior marketing manager – digital, Terex AWP.

Enhancing the experience, the revamped now offers visitors faster, more convenient access to core product information with product filtering capabilities relevant to the most current global industry standards. Including videos, photos, and articles on Genie products and services, customers also benefit from new product comparison capabilities and improved responsiveness to web inquiries.

Thanks to the new Genie BIM tool, building professionals now have the insight and means of planning, designing, constructing, and managing building and infrastructure projects more efficiently. The BIM concept envisages the virtual construction of a building or infrastructure prior to its actual physical construction. Each professional can add discipline-specific data to the single, shared file. For example: Subcontractors can input critical information into the BIM file before beginning construction. Currently including 17 different conception/construction models, with more coming later this year, the Genie BIM library is accessible at

Judith Henri, Genie marketing manager, Terex AWP, EMEAR, says: “The content of our new website is available to help customers select the right Genie equipment or service to meet their specific needs. With this in mind, we have also taken care to adapt the site to account for regional differences, notably for our EMEAR customers for whom we have created a new ‘eco-friendly’ product category that is accessible directly from the home page.”

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