Sany Launches 110-Ton Crawler Crane in North America

Sany Launches 110-Ton Crawler Crane in North America

Sany America has unveiled a brand new 110-ton crawler crane.

The SCC8100-2 has a Porsche-designed cab, LMI with diagnostic capability, name-brand components throughout, self-erection capability, extendible crawlers, the ability to ship with tracks and boom butt attached, free-fall main and auxiliary hoists, 230-ft.boom-tip height, and 73-ft. maximum fixed jib.

The SCC8100-2 is in stock at Sany America headquarters in Peachtree City Ga.

On its 43-ft. minimum boom, the SCC8100-2 can lift 220,500 lbs. at a 12'6" radius. The lattice boom can be extended to 229'8" using 9'10", 19'8", and 29'6" inserts. 

Capacities on the H boom range from 220,500 lbs. at a 12.5-ft. radius, to 2,700 lbs. at a 170-ft. radius.

The fixed jib can be assembled in lengths of 30, 44, 59, and 73 ft., and each length can be mounted to the boom top at an offset angle of 15° or 30°.

Maximum jib capacity is 18,700 lbs. at radii from 40-80 ft.

Ready to work, the SCC8100-2 stands just 26'2" long, 18'7" wide, overall, with its tracks extended to a 16'8" crawler stance. Tailwsing is 16'5".

With crawlers and boom butt attached, the machine can ship in a package that's 43'5" long, 11'5" wide, 11'5" high, and weighs 99,208 lbs.

Where shipping restrictions require a smaller load, the main module, less crawlers and boom butt can be shipped at 25'6" long, 11'0" wide, 10'0" tall, and a weight of 57,320 lbs. Each crawler weighs 20,944 lbs.

The entire SCC8100-2 can be shipped with full boom, jib, and counterweight, on  five to six tractor-trailer trucks.

The comfortable UltraCab2 is a lighter, slimmer version of Sany’s Porsche-designed UltraCab. It features the industry’s most ergonomic operating environment, large windows, air conditioning, a sliding door, and a premium MP3 sound system. Visibility is enhanced by camera monitoring of the main hoist drum and rear counterweights.

The list of high-quality components includes a Tier 4 Interim Cummins QSOL9 diesel engine that delivers 341 hp. at 1,800 rpm, Rexroth hydraulic components, and high-quality Diepa rope.

The main and auxiliary hoist drums are driven independently. Each delivers up to 20,944-lb. single-line pull and line speeds to 487 fpm. The main hoist spools 722 ft. of 24mm rope. The whipline spools up to 524 ft.



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