Guiding Lights

I’ve clocked up some air miles since the last issue. First, I was stateside for the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) fall meeting from Sept. 25-28 at Chesapeake Bay, Cambridge, Md. Then, I was back in the Maximum Capacity Media (MCM) satellite office in Phoenix, Ariz., either side of our inaugural Crane & Rigging Conference (CRC) Canada, which took place Oct. 12-13 in Edmonton, Alberta. Both were highlights of this calendar year, while CRC Canada ranks up there among the most uplifting experiences of my professional career.

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About the Author: 

Richard Howes

Richard Howes, who joined MCM in September 2010, has worked in various editorial positions for a U.K.-based crane magazine publisher for the past five years, most recently as group editor of international titles Cranes Today, Hoist, and North American publication Overhead Cranes & Hoists. He started his career in media almost 10 years ago and is currently the associate publisher and editor of the U.S.-based Industrial Lift & Hoist and the international publication, Lift & Hoist International. He resides in London, England.