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Higher Education from United Rentals

Date: 22-07-2014 / Author: kparrish
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The United Academy training platform from United Rentals redefines eLearning by using new content and engaging games in which students must complete multiple levels to pass key learning objectives.

Keep Safe Distances from Power Lines

Date: 22-07-2014 / Author: kparrish
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Preliminary Half-Year Data from the International Powered Access Federation's Accident Reporting Project Shows Three Fatalities Due to Electrocution While Using Aerial Work Platforms.

When considering the complexities involved with crane operations, having pre-determined quality controls in place for effective accident management prior to beginning crane work can prove to be one of the most important elements to protect your interests when accidents occur. 

Kevin Cunningham, president of HIIG Construction, provides ways to protect your interests after an accident.

During 2011 and 2012, two municipal workers were fatally injured while repairing traffic lights: Each was working from the raised bucket of an aerial lift truck and was thrown from the bucket when struck by a passing tractor-trailer.