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By : 
Guy Ramsey

JLG Industries, McConnellsburg, Pa., has built more 40-foot boom lifts for longer than any other company. In total, the company has delivered in excess of 40,000 40-foot gas/propane or diesel-powered booms.

The Model 400S is actually JLG's fifth-generation 40-foot boom, and along with sister machine 460SJ, which features a 6-foot articulating jib, they make up a powerful one-two product punch. The 400S demonstrated at the Boom Lift Showcase featured four-wheel drive and an optional oscillating axle, a feature the company pioneered back in 1981.

By : 
Jeff Stachowiak

Editor's note: Jeff Stachowiak's letter has been written in response to a guest column that ran in the Oct. 4 issue of Lift and Access 360 in which Les Knoll discussed the myth of the six-foot rule. Knoll called for others to comment and share other aerial work platform operational myths. Stachowiak, the Safety and Training Manager for Sunbelt Rentals, offered the following comments to clear up the issue even further.