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After many years of test marketing and careful consideration, the Haulotte Group, L'Horme, France, officially entered the North American market in September 2001. Responding to North American demands, the company introduced the 40-foot HB 40 boom lift and the 44-foot jib-equipped HB 44J boom lift in February 2002.

Video was taken at the 2007 Lift and Access Equipment Showcase in Phoenix, Ariz.

The jib-equipped S-45 telescopic boom lift from Genie Industries is one of two telescopic boom lifts in this class offered by the Redmond, Wash.-based manufacturer.

Video was taken at the 2007 Lift and Access Equipment Showcase in Phoenix, Ariz.

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Jeff Stachowiak

When it comes to safety, myths and rumors often cloud what are acceptable practices in the lifting equipment industry. Jeff Stachowiak, national safety training director for Sunbelt Rentals, Fort Mills, S.C., developed the following list of items in order to set the record straight on many common myths.


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Funding programs that meet specific goals and targets and contribute to improved performance was only one of many goals the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act set out to achieve. As Industrial Lift and Hoist notes on page 26, the Stimulus Package designated $300 million for vehicles that use alternative fuels.

Aichi debuted the SV1930C powered access scissor lift prototype at the 2009 Lift and Access Showcase. The unit was shipped from Japan to Chandler, Ariz., specifically for the event.

The scissor lift, which is distributed by Toyota Material Handling USA, Irvine, Calif., is part of Aichi's global machine series and will be available in 2009 along with five global scissor lift models with platform heights ranging from 15 to 32 feet. Displaying the Toyota orange-and-gray color scheme, the SV1930C features a 19-foot platform height and 30-inch width.