ALL Erection Crawler Cranes Manager Dies

Randy S. Harris, 47, manager of the crawler crane division at ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp., Cleveland, Ohio, and nationally known crane expert, died suddenly in Gates Mills, Ohio, on May 15th. Harris had worked for ALL for nearly three decades and “was passionate about everything he did,” says Michael Liptak, ALL president, who described Harris as “tenacious, dedicated, and committed in every way, with a great thirst for knowledge.”

Harris joined ALL in 1981 to learn the business from the ground up, and began by working in the shop, sweeping the floors. But it was a business he craved ever since he watched a crane putting up a chairlift at a ski area in Chesterland, Ohio, where he was working for his uncle. From that moment on, he loved cranes, says Liptak. At ALL, Harris progressed through the ranks from working in the equipment yard to becoming a truck driver and then a crane operator.

His growing knowledge led him to work in the office, first in the tower crane division, and then as manager of the company’s crawler crane division for the past 10 years. His crane expertise was nationally recognized, and he was admired for both his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience.

“The guy knew it all, in detail,” says Michael Liptak. “If he didn’t know something, he would study it intensely. He could probably tell you how many bolts were in the Eiffel Tower. That’s why he was so good at operating a crane and operating his division of the company. But what really separated him from the others,” Liptak adds, “was that he didn’t just know how to do things, he knew why.”

Harris worked hard and pushed life to its limits. “He died while fully living. He would tell others, ‘find out what you’re passionate about and do it,’” Liptak says. “Randy’s personal strength, dedication, and commitment to our company over the years was an important part of our growth and success. We are forever in his debt. I can’t express how much he will be missed.”

Harris leaves behind two sons, Lee and Kyle, in their 20s. A private memorial service will be held for him in June.


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