Altec Sentry Announces New First Aid Training Program

The Altec, Inc. SENTRY program is adding COYNE CPR and first aid training to its list of operator training programs for aerials, derricks and cranes. These training sessions, which will be offered in conjunction with other operator training courses and as a standalone course, are in both the operator and train-the-trainer formats.

The COYNE CPR classes will feature an expanded classroom presentation followed by skill practice sessions and will explain the general training process of viewing the video, discussion, demonstration and skill practice sessions. Altec will also provide a required evaluation sheet for trainers to conduct written evaluations in the workplace and an instructor-led kit to guide trainers through the process of training students. Specifically for the train-the-trainer format classes, the trainer is certified to have completed the COYNE Train-the-Trainer program and receives a completion card, logo patch and CPR rescue key.

Birmingham, Ala.-based Altec offers CPR and first aid training in several different capacities. The train-the-trainer or student-based courses are offered at an Altec or customer location. Training at the Birmingham facility is at a per person or per class rate. These classes may be joined with the Digger Derrick or Insulating Aerial Device classes for additional cost savings. Class limit is 10 people and clients can book training as early as March 5, 2009. For additional information on the SENTRY CPR and First Aid classes, contact Darin Hinnergardt at (205) 408-8592 or email

Altec is a leading manufacturer of aerial lifts, digger derricks, truck-mounted cranes and specialty equipment for the electric utility, telecommunications, contractor and tree care industries.