Austin Crane Gets its First Tadano ATF 90G-4 Crane | Construction News

Austin Crane Service, Leander, Texas, recently took delivery of its first Tadano ATF 90G-4, a four-axle all-terrain crane.

Austin Crane's owner and president Larry Taylor said that Tadano's reputation was one reason his company decided to buy the ATF 90G-4. On using the crane since taking delivery, Taylor remarked, “The manufacturer put a lot of thought into the design of this crane. Our operators love working with it.”

The ATF 90G-4 features a compact design that Austin Crane finds to be a big benefit. According to Taylor, "The hydraulic luffer and the turning radius are a huge plus when getting in and out of and working on confined job sites.” Taylor also appreciates the machine’s simple design and on-screen diagnostics that “speed up the process and lessen downtime.”

The ATF 90G-4 has a maximum lifting capacity of 110 tons and a maximum boom length of  168 ft.  It also features a tiltable operator's cab, as well as two oil coolers that keep hydraulic temperatures low. The automatic moment limiter (AML-C) enhances the crane's functionality and can be pre-set for special crane configurations and jobsite conditions.

Since its arrival in Leander, Texas, the ATF 90G-4 has been used to build and set tanks, and, most recently, to work inside street barricades with narrow lane closures in downtown Austin. Austin Crane Service operators have called the new acquisition the “Cadillac” of cranes.

Austin Crane Service is a full-service crane-rental company serving central Texas. It provides cranes with operators on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. The company's fleet ranges from 17-ton boom trucks to 350-ton all-terrain cranes.