AWPT Launches Operator Training Support Kit

At The Rental Show, AWPT Inc., the North American training arm of the International Powered Access Federation, introduced the AWPT Operator Training Support Kit, a new training component designed to assist qualified instructors in creating their own programs to deliver consistent quality aerial lift training.

The AWPT Operator Training Support Kit includes an AWP course CD and materials to aid those trainers and instructors who have the time and knowledge to develop a written plan for an entire training program. According to Tony Groat, executive vice president of AWPT, all the elements of the training support kit have been developed through the AWPT training program, and the kits lay out the guidelines for those who want to provide their own training.

Although the kit contains quality training materials, it neither includes support from AWPT nor will not include registrations, updates, audits, PAL cards, ongoing instructor develop, or the tools and oversight that is associated with AWPT training. The training materials act specifically as a foundation for trainers to build from. Buyers of the kit, which is available for $345, must develop their own program and instructors.

In other news, AWPT is now offering key rings with pre-start and worksite inspection guidelines attached. These key rings provide a reminder and aid equipment operators on the steps needed to perform proper and thorough inspections.