AWPT Offers Free Stickers to Help Promote Aerial Safety

AWPT, Inc., the American Work Platform Training subsidiary of IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation), has announced the availability of free stickers that, when placed on an aerial work platform (AWP) or mast climbing work platform (MCWP), ask the operator if they have been properly trained in the operation of the equipment. These stickers will help remind operators that they must first be trained before operating the equipment.

AWPs and MCWPs are not suitable for use by untrained personnel and operator training is required by both OSHA and ANSI standards prior to equipment use. While the question of training may seem to be a “no brainer,” there are many individuals who operate an aerial work device that are not aware that operator training is much more than the few minutes of machine familiarization they received when a machine is delivered, according to the announcement from AWPT. Many foremen and supervisors of aerial device operators may also not know the difference between familiarization and training.

AWPT hopes that this voluntary program of placing the sticker on powered access equipment will result in increased awareness of the need and questioning of the type of instruction received prior to authorization of an individual operating the equipment. Proper operator training will help eliminate the risk associated with unsafe use of the equipment and avoid the hazards associated with their use. AWPT offers Technical Guidance Note F1 that defines the requirements for familiarization and operator training.

In addition to the “Are you trained…” stickers, AWPT also has free stickers available that remind operators to “Click it!  Wear a full body harness with a short lanyard in boom type platforms.” These stickers are part of a world-wide effort by IPAF to promote the wearing of harnesses to eliminate the unnecessary fatal accidents that can happen when occupants are catapulted out of boom platforms because they are not wearing the proper safety equipment.

Many rental companies and equipment manufacturers are now placing these stickers on all of their boom-type platforms. In addition to the “Click it!” stickers, AWPT also offers Technical Guidance Note H1 that explains the ANSI requirements for personal fall protection in boom-supported work platforms.