Bishop Lifting Products Completes 3.3 Million-Pound Proof Tester

Bishop Lifting Products Completes 3.3 Million-Pound Proof Tester

Bishop Lifting Products, Houston, Texas, recently completed construction of its new 3.3 million-pound  (1,500 metric-ton) proof tester. With an overall length of 323 feet and inside pulling length of around 275 feet, BLP says it's the most technically advanced proof tester ever built.  Designed and fabricated by Chant Engineering and BLP, it’s a first of a kind three-in-one testing machine for proof testing slings, crane blocks, spreader bars, oilfield equipment, and rigging gear.

David Bishop, CEO of BLP, managed the testing equipment expansion project.  “We’ve needed a larger proof tester for a long time, and moving to a new 13-acre facility made this dream an easier reality,” he said.

The use of proof-testing equipment is an important function of sling fabrication. More customers are now requiring proof testing on all slings. Proof testing was driven by the offshore drilling industry and is mandated in the ASME B30.0 standard on alloy chain slings, metal mesh slings, and any sling that has been modified or repaired.

BLP fabricates a variety of sling types and has been an award-winning fabricator of Slingmax Rigging Solutions. Slings are used for lifting any type of load no matter the size, weight or shape. BLP partnered with Slingmax to supply the right Twin-Path or Gator-Laid sling for each lifting job. Industries that utilize slings for their lifting applications include aerospace, construction, crane and rigging, government and military, manufacturing, commercial fishing, mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, pipeline, and power generation.



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