Bosch Rexroth Products for Mobile Equipment Designed to Improve Functionality, Diagnostics

Bethlehem, Pa.-based Rexroth has introduced several new products to benefit users of mobile equipment. The BODAS RC36-20 controller gives operators a new tool for managing multi-function mobile equipment. New 32-bit digital technology creates a new performance class in mobile equipment electronics controls, expands hydraulics systems functionality, leads to reduced energy consumption, and provides a more efficient, flexible control platform.

The BODAS RC36-20 provides a central electronic control unit (ECU) platform for modern, efficient, electrohydraulic system solutions. It lets equipment builders and operators expand mobile equipment functions and reduce energy consumption. In addition, the system's rugged, compact design means it can replace multiple 16-bit controllers or smaller PLC systems, helping to save valuable installation space and reduce wiring.

With 125 input and output channels, as well as four CANbus interfaces, the BODAS RC36-20 serves as the central ECU for complex multi-function machines. It offers a flexible platform for deploying new mobile applications, including "shift on fly" gear shifting, electrohydraulic flow matching (EFM) for operating functions, or the hydrostatic regenerative brake system (HRB) from Rexroth.

The advanced TriCore technology includes 150 MHz clock timing and parallel processing to run highly complex control circuits and mathematical floating-point operations. This provides the necessary performance for demanding applications such as load torque limiting in crane applications, while simultaneously performing all other necessary functions for the working and drive hydraulics.

Compared to PLC systems, the BODAS RC36-20 offers advantages in mobile applications. The unit's space-saving design, condensing a 32-bit device into a unit with a surface area less than half a sheet of letter-sized paper, was developed from Bosch's extensive testing and experience in the automotive sector.

The BODAS-DI3 from Bosch Rexroth features a dynamic high-resolution color display for use in mobile equipment. In addition to the DI3 display, the Rexroth BODAS modular system features robust and compact cameras with great light sensitivity for use in rough work environments. The cameras can be powered directly from the display, which combines two connections for CAN 2.0B and video signals into one connector. The interface can be configured to display video images as overlay images on the BODAS-DI3.

The unit features a jog dial as well as six large, illuminated and configurable function keys for simple and ergonomic control. Switching between the various screens is also very easy.

Ergonomics play an important role in the design of the display. The 640 x 480 pixel color display, featuring low-reflection glass and an integrated sun visor, provides a high resolution (VGA). Dual backlighting ensures good visual contrast so the screen is readable in all operating conditions. Further, an integrated graphics chip makes the 6.5-inch display suitable for displaying dynamic images, such as a tachometer. The DI3 is a reasonable replacement for the dashboard or it can be installed as a stand-alone unit in the driver's cab.

The D13's flexibility is also evident when designing individual displays and menus. Rexroth provides users with the Windows-based configuration software package BODAS-DCT (Display Configuration Tool). The DCT package allows mobile equipment manufacturers to use a PC to design screens, context menus, and graphical elements for the display without requiring any programming knowledge. User-defined bitmaps, such as company logos or vehicle images, can also be easily integrated. This makes it simple to create manufacturer, application and even vehicle-specific display designs.


With its integrated user interface, the diagnostic and maintenance function of Rexroth's BODAS-service provides access to all parameters and process variables to the user in a clear manner for easy editing. Any errors detected in the electronic system by the controller are communicated by the BODAS-service diagnostic function in plain text so technicians can easily recognize malfunctions. The software can be used to graphically display process variables, both instantaneously and as a function of time. The software also permits the recording of data with a data logger.

Work with the diagnostic function is further simplified by the “System Scan.” This feature queries all controllers connected to the diagnostic computer via CANbus and RS232, clearly displays them on the screen and provides a better overview. As a result, multiple controllers can be detected and diagnosed simultaneously without having to plug them in one after the other, saving time and offering more flexibility in mobile use.

When using the software with Rexroth controllers beginning with series 22, the software also displays version information. In addition emergency access is also possible; Rexroth-service can enable full access to all process variables and parameters for a one-time connection. The diagnostic module information requires no programming knowledge.

Another function available in BODAS-service is the configurator. When creating software for Rexroth controllers • either with BODAS-design or the C programming language • the configurator is used to create the setup and diagnostic configuration. This defines which parameters, process variables and error messages are displayed and can be changed later with the BODAS-service diagnostic function, along with the ability to provide authorization or lock-out levels for viewing, engineering or service.

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