Bronto to Introduce 170-foot Aerial at ICUEE

Bronto Skylift of Tampere, Finland, will introduce its model S-170 XDT truck-mounted aerial device at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) on Oct. 16-18, 2007, in Louisville, Ky. Featuring a horizontal outreach of more than 115 feet, the new S-170 XDT is capable of lifting a three-person crew and their equipment (up to 1,400 pounds total) to a 170-foot platform height.

The S-170 XDT aerial device is mounted on an 8x6 International commercial chassis. In its stowed position, the platform boom folds next to the main boom for a low 13-foot transport height while the platform itself folds underneath the main boom for a total transport length of 39 feet. With a gross vehicle weight of about 58,000 pounds, the S-170 XDT is road legal in all states.

Another unique feature of the S-170 XDT is the Bronto +3 degree advanced control system that monitors the outrigger settings and platform load and automatically keeps the platform within safe operating parameters. It also oversees axle lock, automatic outrigger deployment and leveling status. If the outriggers are not positioned correctly or there is zero ground pressure on an outrigger, alarms sound to warn the operator. The boom is interlocked with the outriggers and cannot be operated without their proper deployment. A single control button activates the outriggers and leveling system, which can be positioned in less than a minute. Identical control panels are located on the platform and at the turntable control station.

Following the ICUEE show, the Bronto S-170 XDT will be delivered to Hinkel Equipment Rental Associates in Huntington Valley, Pa.

Also being demonstrated in Bronto's booth at ICUEE will be the company's model SI-178 HDT insulated aerial work platform designed for accessing sub-transmission and transmission lines up to 500kV. It has a 178-foot working height, 73-foot horizontal reach, and 1000-pound platform capacity. The SI-178 HDT is mounted on a TOR 8x6 chassis with all-wheel drive and all-wheel steer that enables crews to navigate almost any terrain yet is compact and light enough to be driven over open roads.

The insulated Bronto SI-178 HDT features a HYCOTEC Inc. designed fiber optic control system sending control and intercom signals through a 185-inch-long, filament-wound fiberglass jib boom. The boom's sealed design prevents internal contamination and a silica gel desiccant canister inside the boom controls internal atmospheric humidity. A sharp-edge corona ring on the boom provides a consistent voltage gradient along the boom's length. Together these features insulate the work platform from the aerial device and provide a typical maximum current leakage rate of less than 0.2 mA/kV across the insulating section of the FRP boom.

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