Camoplast Solideal Rolls Out New Solid Tire for Telehandlers


Camoplast Solideal, Charlotte, N.C., has unveiled a new solid-rubber tire that offers telehandler users better performance, longer life, and lower overall operating cost than foam filled pneumatic tires. Named the Solidair TLH, the unique new tire is specifically designed for telehandlers and provides 25 percent more stability, improved comfort, longer life, and better traction than foam-filled tires, says Camoplast Solideal.

Camoplast Solideal product manager Darren Stratton says that by using the new tires, a typical rental fleet owner can expect to see as much as a $5,000 savings per machine over five years, compared to using foam-filled tires.

Although the Solidair TLH tires cost about 70 percent more than foam-filled pneumatics, the Solidair TLH’s two- to three-time longer life and its elimination of unexpected downtime more than make up for the initial investment over the tire’s 5,000-hour expected lifetime, he said. Stratton estimates that users should reach break-even about the third year of use.

The Solidair TLH uses a patented triangular aperture that Camoplast Solideal says offers superior comfort and unequalled lateral stability. The triangular apertures are stronger, more durable, and don’t build up heat like round apertures, says Stratton. He also notes that the triangular apertures offer a comfortable ride while providing outstanding lateral stability for a solid feel.

The new tires use Camoplast Solideal’s innovative but proven deep, stepped tread design. Stratton says the tread is two to three times deeper than typical telehandler tire treads, and that the stepped design cleans itself. “The self cleaning and better traction are particularly noticeable when you work in clay or other difficult soils,” says Stratton.

Besides selling the bare tires, Solideal also offers complete, ready-to-install tire-on-wheel assemblies for any telehandler using 13:00-24 and 14:00-24 tires.

Camoplast Solideal will display the new Solidair TLH tire in booth 8623 at the American Rental Association show in New Orleans, February 5-8.