Construction Lifters' Rig-Release Available with Options

Rockford, Ill.-based Construction Lifters offers the Rig-Release, which allows the user to set loads at any height and, once the load is set, release the rigging from a safe distance. Due to high demand, the company now offers many new options for the Rig-Release including Upward Pull, Protective Coating, and Low Profile • Direct Connect. Both manual and radio release models are available with these options and all units conform to the latest ASME standards.

For corrosive environments, the Rig-Release Hook is provided with a protective zinc dichromate coating. This option is available on all models and capacities.

For applications when the hook is below the operator and an upward pull of the rope lanyard is required, the Upward Pull option is available on manual release units for all capacities.

For the Low Profile, Direct Connect option, the company removes the strip sling hook and lug so the Rig-Release can be attached directly to the load without the use of slings. Available on all models and capacities; refer to dimensional drawings for clearance.

Multiple options can be added to the Rig-Release, but can increase delivery time. For more information, visit