Crane Rental Corp. to Take Delivery of Manitowoc 31000

Crane Rental Corp., Orlando, Fla., will soon take delivery of its new 2,535-ton capacity Manitowoc 31000 crawler crane, the largest-capacity crawler crane Manitowoc has designed or built to date. Crane Rental Corp. President Alan Ashlock said the company expects to take possession of the crane within 30 to 60 days, depending on whether it’s shipped to directly to a job site or the company’s headquarters.

“It’s getting ready to go through the paint shop and we’re keeping it in Wisconsin to see if we end up with a job in that area to determine if it will stay there or come to us,” Ashlock said. The 31000 transports in approximately 100 truck loads.

Ashlock said target applications for the 31000 include heavy industry work such as coal-fired or nuclear power plants, refurbishment or new construction, and refinery or petrochemical jobs.

The 31000 employs an innovative lift-enhancing mechanism, which eliminates the need for a counterweight wagon. This feature, called the VPC (Variable Position Counterweight) never touches the ground and extends or retracts as needed by the crane's lift.

When equipped with 328 feet of main boom, the 31000 can lift and “walk” with 462,000 pounds at 300 feet away from the crane. The 31000 is powered by dual 600-hp Cummins engines. This power plant configuration provides ample power for multifunction operation. In addition, the redundant design allows for single engine operation.

The 31000’s swing assembly is configured on a roller path system, rather than the typical turntable bearing. The outside diameter of the roller path measures just more than 40 feet. This design helps maximize load distribution and decrease ground bearing pressure. Wear plates on the top of the roller path help protect the surface.

The single-boom 31000 features FACT connection technology and comes in a variety of configurations. The main boom ranges from 180 feet to 344 feet. Fixed jibs range from 78 feet to 137 feet, with a maximum combination of 311 feet of main boom and 78-foot jib. Luffing jib configurations range from 118 feet to 334 feet. Maximum combination is 295 foot main boom and 334 foot luffing jib.

In other company news, Crane Rental Corp. opened a new branch location in Tampa, Fla. The facility includes a 3,200-square-foot office building, 10,000 square feet of shop/warehouse space and 7.5 acres of property. “The additional shop/warehouse space will allow us to service its fleet in a shorter amount of time and provide indoor warehousing options to our customer base,” says Shannon Duvic, manager of sales and marketing.