Demag Unveils New Wireless Control Systems


Demag Crane & Components, Cleveland, Ohio, has unveiled the DRC-MP radio control systems. Designed for use with Demag DR PRO rope hoists, these controls provide a range of features to enhance operator control and add flexibility.

Demag radio control systems are available in two ergonomic designs, the DRC-10 push-button transmitter, and the DRC-J joystick transmitter.  Both designs come standard with bi-directional communication, an impact- and temperature-resistant housing design, two buttons for special functions, and a range of approximately 328 feet. Both designs feature a graphic display showing battery capacity, installation status, warning messages, and one-hour fast charging.

The compact DRC-10 hand-held transmitter incorporates six stepless push buttons which can be used for fixed and variable speed control. For added convenience, it can alternatively be operated with conventional Mignon AA batteries. Including the rechargeable battery, each unit weighs 19 ounces, and has a temperature range of -4 ºF to 122 ºF.

The DRC-J model features dual joysticks that control lifting and lowering as well as cross and long travel. It utilizes a mechanical key-operated switch to turn the transmitter on and off.  Including the rechargeable battery, each unit weighs 4 pounds, and has a temperature range of minus -4 ºF to 128 ºF.

Demag DRC-MP radio controls feature worldwide postal authority approval for operation without any need for registration or operating fees.