Design Partnerships Enhance New Tadano Mantis


Franklin, Tenn.-based Tadano Mantis will show a 77-ton model 15010 telescopic crawler at ConExpo-Con/Agg in Las Vegas, Nev., featuring several new design developments, including a new rated capacity indicator, a piling lead control package, and new main and auxiliary winches.

“The integration of a Tadano AML-C rated capacity indicator represents a successful joint engineering project between Tadano and Tadano Mantis engineering groups,” said Ed Hisrich, vice president, North American sales. The standard platform includes intuitive, graphical interface and operating modes in both ft-lbs and kg-meter units.

Designed for piling operations, a new foundation lead interface option includes an integrated control console, spotter lugs, hydraulic valving, and quick coupler panel. It includes control functions for lead and spotter winches and cylinders to adjust batter, lead height, pile gates, and hammer controls. Tadano Mantis and Bermingham Foundation Solutions, Hamilton, Ontario collaborated in the specification of the lead and hammer package and have pre-approved batters of up to 4:1 in all directions for the lead system which includes 88-foot L15 Vertical Travel Leads, B21 diesel hammer, hydraulic spotter and hydraulic opening, and swing away pile gate. The system can drive piles up to 65 long.

“This system is unique as we have analyzed the system and have approved batters of up to 4:1 in all directions. Side batters on a telescopic boom are basically unheard of,” said Hisrich.

Other features include a tilt cab with new front glass design, standard winch and rear view cameras, and matched size main and auxiliary winches with grooved drums and cable followers, now available as standard.