DICA Launches Tuff Grip Handle System

DICA Launches Tuff Grip Handle System

Dica, Panora, Iowa, has released the TuffGrip Handle System, a new feature available on the company’s Safety Tech Outrigger Pads. Constructed of rugged material, the TuffGrip handles are the company’s toughest, safest and highest performing handles created to date.

Each TuffGrip handle is a lifting point that doesn’t exceed 50 pounds per person and provides a clear visual aid and ergonomic safety for operators. Ergonomic features such as the handle’s length encourages operators to bend their knees and lift with their legs while keeping the load close to the body.

For safety, the TuffGrip’s firmness, shape and length reduces the risk of trip hazards from pads in a setup position. The handles also come in high visibility safety orange and are resistant to UV light, mud, chemicals and hydraulic fluids for a lifetime of use.

Handle diameter measures 0.5" thick for all 1" and 1.5" pads, while 2" pads have a 5/8"-thick handle.

The TuffGrip Handle System, which comes with the company’s lifetime guarantee, is currently available on the majority of Dica’s light, medium, heavy duty and Dunnage Safety Tech Pads, as well as via retrofit kits.



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