Eaton Adds Multilingual Classes and Training Equipment

Eaton Corp., Eden Prairie, Minn., is adding multilingual fluid conveyance products courses and electro-hydraulic training aids at its Hydraulics Training Services in Maumee, Ohio. The company reports its Aeroquip Fluid Conveying Products School and the Weatherhead Fluid Conveying Products School will be available in French, Spanish, and English.

Eaton conducts electro-hydraulics class laboratory work with its new Programmable Motion-Control Training (PMCT) System and redesigned Portable Electro-hydraulic Training Simulator (PETS). The PMCT electronic controls trainer facilitates legacy-style electro-hydraulic training, as well as programmable control of hydraulic and pneumatic components. Eaton’s new EFX controller and a PID proportional amplifier card are housed in the unit, along with all necessary support electronics to control and monitor system operation. When coupled to a computer, the programmable controller is easily configured through Eaton’s CONTROL F(x) software.

“Since the EFX controller can be programmed in five widely used languages, the open-architecture platform gives us a great deal of flexibility in teaching control systems,” said Tom Blansett, manager of Eaton’s training services. “We are able to demonstrate how programs can be checked for operational correctness prior to running on a machine application.”

Eaton instructors also use the patented PETS simulator to teach proper wiring, adjustment, and troubleshooting procedures for any DIN-standard Eurocard amplifier. According to Eaton, PETS is a highly effective electro-hydraulics teaching aid, and the company is making the low-cost, lightweight unit available to distributors and educators to support in-house training on electro-hydraulic systems.

In other company news, Eaton received the Xcel Energy’s Efficiency Partner 2009 Recognition for its Eden Prairie hydraulic pump, motor, and steering unit manufacturing facility. The program recognized a small group of businesses and trade partners for its outstanding efforts in 2008.

“We’re very pleased to earn this recognition,” said Lawrence P. Harer, maintenance and tool room manager for the 40-year-old, 233,000 square foot plant. “What’s especially beneficial is that we didn’t just reduce our carbon footprint, we also improved the efficiency of our operations.”

Lawrence Harer, maintenance and tool room manager of the 233,000-square-foot facility, said the Eden Prairie plant focused on opportunities related to its air management system. The plant requires a significant amount of compressed air for a variety of operations, such as air-drying of painted parts, powering hand tools, and removal of metal chips from machined parts.

“We replaced one of three compressors, invested in quieter, more low-pressure types of air nozzles, eliminated some high volume compressed air blow offs with high efficiency blowers, and installed an automated system to completely manage the plant’s air handling, he said. “Along with a series of other incremental changes, the improved air management system was the key to our success.”