Five Silver Winners Named in 2013 Lift and Access LLEAP Awards

Five Silver Winners Named in 2013 Lift and Access LLEAP Awards
Five Silver Winners Named in 2013 Lift and Access LLEAP Awards
Five Silver Winners Named in 2013 Lift and Access LLEAP Awards
Five Silver Winners Named in 2013 Lift and Access LLEAP Awards
Five Silver Winners Named in 2013 Lift and Access LLEAP Awards

Lift and Access has announced the new and innovative products that were Silver Winners in its Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms (LLEAP) competition for 2013. This year’s LLEAP competition is the seventh edition in the long-standing series. It honors products that were introduced or upgraded between April 1, 2011, and February 28, 2013. LLEAP recognizes products that are new, innovative, and improve the mobile access and lifting industries.


The LLEAP competition considers entries in five categories:

  • Aerial lifts: Self-propelled boom or scissor lifts, manually or self-propelled vertical lifts, specialty lifts, trailer- or truck-mounted aerials.
  • Material handlers: Rough-terrain telescopic or straight-mast forklifts.
  • Cranes: Rough-terrain, all-terrain, truck, telescopic boom crawlers, crawler cranes, boom trucks, and self-erecting cranes with capacities less than 150 tons.
  • OEM-Developed Features/Essential Components for OEMs: Features developed by an OEM for a new or existing aerial work platform, material handler, or crane.
  • Aftermarket Support Products or Services: Products and services developed and sold specifically for end users.


Sixteen judges evaluated the entries. The panel included six members from the staff of Maximum Capacity Media (MCM) staff, which publishes Lift and Access, Crane & Rigging Hot Line, Industrial Lift & Hoist, Lift & Hoist International, and Scaffold & Access. The panel also included 10 experts who work in various aspects of the lifting, access, rental, construction equipment, and safety industries.


The panelists used their expertise to judge each LLEAP entry, based on:


Innovation: Is this an innovative product?

Influence: Will this influence the market in a positive way?

Benefit: Will this product benefit the owner and/or operator?

Leadership: Is the manufacturer a leader in the industry?


The product with the top average score in each category earned a Gold Award. The entry with the second-highest average score earned a Silver Award. The remaining entries in each category were named Finalists. In addition, one machine (aerial lift, material handler, or crane) and one support product were selected as Platinum Award winners for best all-around innovation.


Here, by category and in alphabetic order, are the five LLEAP Silver Winners for 2013.


Aerial Lifts

MEC 4069ERT Electric Scissor Lift

The MEC 4069ERT is an electrically powered rough-terrain scissor lift that can work indoors or out with 40-ft. maximum platform height and 900-lb. lifting capacity. It comes with four-wheel drive standard, has 10-in. ground clearance, can climb a 40% grade, and has a top speed of 3.4 mph. The 4069ERT has a 69-in. wide chassis, a tight 79-in. inside turning radius, and can be driven at its full 40-ft. height. The stowed deck height of 51 in. makes loading and entry easy. It also enables the machine to travel through low openings. Power to the lift is provided by a 48VDC, 375-amp-hour battery system.

The 118-in. long platform can be extended to 166 in. by sliding out the 48-in. extension, and the platform includes MEC’s patented side-mounted sheet material rack, which can hold up to 300 pounds of sheet material. The rack can also hold up to 300 pounds of pipe when used with MEC’s tested and approved pipe-rack attachments. The innovative rack simplifies work by eliminating the need to hoist heavy materials over the guard rails and having them take up space on the platform. The machine’s 900-lb. capacity can include up to 900 lbs. on the platform or 600 lbs. on the platform plus 300 lbs. on the material rack. The drive and lift controls are all proportional, and the control system can include a specially developed diagnostic interface system.

Judge's Comment: This lift will be in demand in the rental market because of its versatility, low stowed height, sturdy frame, and 900-lb. capacity.


Material Handlers

Manitou MHT 10225 Telehandler

Manitou’s new MHT 10225 is one of the world’s highest capacity rough-terrain telescopic handlers. With a lifting capacity of more than 49,600 lbs. and a maximum lifting height of 31'10", this rugged brute is engineered to tackle the biggest and toughest telehandler jobs needed by commercial and heavy civil construction, steel erection, mining, quarry projects, oil and gas work, and industrial lifting.

It will lift its 49,604-lb. maximum capacity to a height of just under 20 ft. It can also lift 29,762 lbs. to its 31'10" maximum vertical reach. In addition it can pick up 13,228 lbs. at its 19'4" maximum forward reach—and do it all without outriggers. Not only can it pick up big loads, it can move them, too. The 175-hp. Mercedes turbo diesel engine delivers up to 698 ft.-lbs. of torque, and the hydrostatic transmission turns out a top speed of 15.5 mph. Maximum drawbar pull is 39,117 ft.-lbs. Two-wheel, four-wheel, and crab steering come standard, with a minimum turning radius of 19'10".

Standard features include a fully enclosed ROPS-FOPS certified cab with heater and defroster, and a high-output load-sensing hydraulic system that can perform three simultaneous movements with no loss of speed. The single JSM joystick lets the operator ergonomically control all drive and hydraulic functions with his or her right hand. That leaves the left hand free for steering. Manitou offers a wide range of attachments for the MHT 10225, including its patented off-road tire clamp.

Judge's Comment: In a class of its own. It will be popular in mining.



Bailey IC-18 Hybrid Industrial Crane

Bailey Cranes’ new IC-18 is an 18,000-lb. capacity industrial crane powered by batteries or an optional hybrid system similar to those now being used in automobiles like the Chevy Volt. The IC-18 is the first of four Bailey battery/hybrid cranes with capacities from 9,000 to 36,000 lbs. All four planned models will be offered with either 80V battery power (standard) or a hybrid-power option. The power system uses “series” hybrid technology with a large battery driving AC electric traction motors. Bailey chose AC electric travel because of its performance, responsiveness, control, and low maintenance. Hydraulically powered, four-wheel steering comes standard.

The battery can be recharged by a 240V or 480V charger. Regenerative braking also helps recharge during crane operation. Fully charged, the IC-18 will run for six hours of hard use or 10 hours of normal duty. For continuous operation, an optional propane/gas or diesel engine coupled to an 80V generator provides power. The engine needs to be only 1/3 the size of a typical machine’s because it runs continuously while the battery handles up-and-down power demands.

The IC-18 offers 360° continuous swing, 18,000-lb. maximum lifting capacity on outriggers, and 11,700-lb. pick-and-carry capability. Its full-power telescopic boom measures 11'4" retracted and 30'0" fully extended. Options include a 10-ft. boom extension, a powered articulating jib, pallet forks, grabbers/manipulators, radio remote control, non-marking tires, and a 46kV insulated jib.

Judge's Comment: Bailey encapsulates all that can be green in an industrial crane with its exhaust-free introduction. It will be a winner indoors and could excel outdoors, too.


OEM-Developed Features/Essential Components for OEMs

APEM CW Hall-Effect Control

APEM’s CW is a small Hall-effect control wheel that provides proportional control in one miniature axis and is designed for integration into joystick handles and control grips. About the diameter of a quarter, the control features a spring-return, arching wheel design providing one axis of forward and backward movement over a 90° span. Using snap-in tabs for easy panel mounting, the device measures only about 11/16 in. below panel.

The CW Series is designed for precision ergonomic finger-tip control, making it ideal for repeated operations over long periods. It also features excellent proportional control, stable output, low noise, and long life. Also, it is designed for panel-mount applications with the user’s choice of linear output options and wheel color. The CW operates with a 5VDC power supply and has overvoltage protection up to 20VDC.

Judge's Comment: Compact and simplified control adds value by eliminating wear components.


Aftermarket Support Products or Services

Crosby Easy-Loc Pin

The Crosby Group’s Easy-Loc bolt securement system (patent pending) uses a hinged split collar that eliminates the traditional threaded bolt, nut, and cotter pin for securing a pin in a shackle. Coupled with Crosby shackles for heavy lifting applications, the Easy-Loc system has features that simplify the lifting experience. Easy-Loc is standard on Crosby G-2160 wide body shackles and G-2140 alloy shackles that have capacities from 125 to 300 metric tons. The Easy-Loc system simplifies the bolt installation by eliminating the need to lift heavy nuts. Compared to the nuts used with the traditional securement system, the Easy-Loc hinged collar reduces weight by up to 70%.

In addition, the new bolt securement system eliminates damaged shackle-bolt threads, the need to bend a cotter pin, and the possibility of losing the cotter pin. The Easy-Loc hinged split collar “retention bolt” is permanently affixed for easy access and to prevent loss. As another benefit, the close tolerance design reduces lateral movement of the shackle pin, and its plated finish improves rust resistance.

Judge's Comment: Clever design is simple, easy to use, and improves productivity.




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