Ginnow Demo Attachment Now Removable, Replaceable

Ginnow Equipment & Specialty, Oshkosh, Wis., has introduced improved breaker/demolition balls with a new pin design. The newly redesigned pin is now removable and replaceable, so that a broken pin no longer means the end of the ball's useful life. Each solid 2-3/4” replaceable pin is paired with an internal wear sleeve, poured directly into the ball, which acts as protection for the pin while also insulating the ball itself against erosion wear from the pin. This new aggressive, recessed design also allows more freedom of movement and more clearance on either side of the ball.

Manufactured at one of the only demolition ball manufacturing facilities in the country, Ginnow breaker balls are durable, able to break large amounts and areas of material quickly, with little effort by either machine or operator.

Highway contractors would typically use the balls for small- to medium-sized break-out applications where a hammer would be too time consuming. Smaller operators use the “tire” method of bouncing the ball from an excavator's bucket, letting the tire act as a shock absorber, thus eliminating the need to hang or actually completely drop the ball. The repeating action of the ball can break large sections of roadway in this manner in a short amount of time.

The balls are available in any size or shape.

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