Haulotte Sales Up 8% in Fiscal Year 2015 | Construction News

Haulotte Group has reported its overall financial results for the fourth quarter of its Fiscal Year 2015, and for all of the year, as well.

The company generated consolidated sales of € 134.5 million ($149.3 million) in the fourth quarter, versus € 92.7 million ($102.9 million) in 2014, an increase of 45%.

Full-year consolidated sales were € 445.3 million ($494.3 million) against € 412.6 million ($458.0 million) in 2014, an increase of 8% across the two periods (stable at constant exchange rates).

Excluding FX movements, the group's cumulative sales are driven by a strong sales performance in North America (+ 32%), which has just completed its best two quarters of activity; and in Asia Pacific (+ 27%), which despite the slowdown of the Chinese economy, political tensions in the Middle East, and developments in oil prices, is still dynamic in the AWP market.

In Europe, the wait-and-see attitude of major rental companies remains a reality (-12%), despite a dynamic last quarter; and Latin America remains in a difficult situation (-24%).

Rental activity is stable over the year, but service confirms its growth throughout the year (+ 5% for the full year).

Based on those levels of activity, Haulotte Group confirms its ability to achieve an operating margin rate (excluding FX gains and losses) close to that achieved in 2015.

Driven by buoyant commercial activity at the beginning of the year, mainly in Europe, Haulotte Group expects to show sales growth of close to 5% in 2016.