HBC Introduces New Eco, Technos Designs


HBC-radiomatic, Hebron, Ky., has redesigned its eco radio control system with expanded functionality, and has made its technos radio transmitter available with five LEDs for feedback information and warnings. Both products can be used for controlling a multitude of different cranes and machinery. The eco radio transmitter, the smallest model among the joystick controllers from HBC, offers a large equipment package and is suitable for a range of applications.

In addition to self-erecting cranes, truck-based loading cranes, industrial cranes and many other lifting and conveying-related plants, the transmitter is now being deployed for customer-specific individual projects. In the newly-launched redesigned version, HBC has incorporated a new housing made of PA6GF30 plastic designed to provide more protection from damage in tough daily industrial use.

In addition, the redesigned eco comes with a standard vibration alarm function, which can be used to inform the operator of critical statuses on the machine as well as faults and potential hazards by means of a detectable vibration on the transmitter. Common examples for this are pre-warnings for high wind speeds or impending excess crane loads, depending on customer requirements.

The eco is now available with the radiomatic shock-off/roll-detect/zero-g safety features as options. This unique development enables the radio controller to be quickly turned off automatically in various emergency situations, for example, in the event that an activated transmitter is dropped by the operator.  The new radi-omatic ® iLOG is also now standard equipment in the eco, enabling the rapid activation of a replacement transmitter if the radio control is damaged. The operator needs only to remove the iLOG from the damaged transmitter and insert it into a re-placement transmitter. The radio controller is ready for use immediately.

One thing that hasn't changed is the range of available operating elements, such as two high-quality joysticks as well as up to six single-stage pushbuttons and up to two toggle or rotary switches/buttons. HBC's product developers have only made marginal changes to the basic form of the successful transmitter. It weighs just 1.5 kg, including the battery.

The selection of radio receivers for the eco system has been fully geared to the requirements of the customer. The most important criteria for this include the required scope of functions, the power supply for the application to be controlled, and the required interfaces, such as CAN-Bus or Profibus-DP. HBC's receiver range offers a variety of options for a broad spectrum of possible applications in combination with the eco.

HBC-radiomatic is also presenting a new product version for technos, the transmitter designed for the control systems of construction cranes, loading cranes, and many other construction machines. With a compact and ergonomically rounded design, the technos is available with an equipment package that also includes two joysticks, up to six single-stage pushbuttons and up to two toggle or rotary switches / buttons. In addition, technos offers a comprehensive range of additional functions to enable adaptation to the working environment, such as the radiomatic AFS frequency management system, for use in environments where many radio controllers are operating simultaneously.

Previous versions featured a standard integrated LCD screen for displaying various data, such as the load weight or wind speed. HBC-radiomatic has now developed a version with an alternative LED module. The popular ergonomic transmitter is designed for users who may not require an LCD display.

The newly developed alternative version comes equipped with five clearly aligned, two-color LEDs, which enables the user to display various status or feedback information, for example, warnings in the event of high wind speeds or excessive motor temperature. This ensures an optimum level of safety and simultaneously protects the controlled application from damage. With nearly limitless combinations offered by HBC’s receiver range, the new technos adapts to specific customer requirements.