HBC-radiomatic Adds FSE 510 Receiver to Product Line

Developed for controlling industrial cranes and mobile hydraulic equipment remotely via CANopen Safety interface, the FSE 510 receiver from Hebron, Ky.-based HBC-radiomatic can be combined with a number of HBC radio transmitters, ranging from the micron series to the spectrum series, enabling its use in a variety of applications. In addition to the CAN-controlled range of functions, the FSE 510 offers eight black and white outputs, which allows the use of accessories or additional devices like grippers without CAN interface to be controlled. A category 3 emergency stop (category 4 via CANopen Safety) according to EN 954-1, rounds off the range of commands in the FSE 510.

Featuring a robust plastic-composite housing and a protection class of IP 65, the receiver can withstand harsh conditions. The compact dimensions of 6.5”x6.5”x2.7” allow for easy installation, even where space is limited. The receiver is connected via cable glands or a Harting plug. With a universal power supply (42 to 240 VAC) or a DC power pack (10 to 30 V), FSE 510 can be used with stationary or mobile applications around the globe.

FSE 510 can be equipped with numerous valuable options, such as feedback via CANopen Safety. This feature enables clear display of crane and machinery data, error messages, or warnings on the control panel. Depending on the chosen transmitter model, this information can be displayed either via LED or LCD. Other valuable features are the tandem operation for the safe transportation of long loads as well as radiomatic Automatic Frequency Selection for convenient radio control without frequency conflicts. In addition, FSE 510 can be used for Multi-Receiver-Concepts. By the simultaneous operation of several receivers on one crane, trailing cables can be avoided, which reduces service costs.