IDS Electronics Unveils New Tilt Alarm Module

IDS Electronics, Troy, Mich., introduces its Biaxial Tilt Alarm Module for scissor lifts, booms lifts, and any other equipment where dual axis tilt is monitored to avoid a tipover.

The alarm module is capable of discerning the tilt angle from a programmable home position, such as platform level, and it can drive any applicable outputs or furnish a continuous stream of data, such as analog and PWM, when a specific tilt angle is reached. Measuring 3.5”x2”x1” at the bolt holes and weighing only four ounces, the Biaxial Tilt Alarm Module senses true tilt in two axes • roll and pitch • with high accuracy over a range of up to 14 from ground level.

The tip sensor does not need to be level when it is installed. Instead, the unit can be taught where the level position is through its ZeroSet procedure. Tilt is then measured relative to the learned position, which allows for easier installation of the system. Accuracy for unit is typically 1/16 at null. The alarm module is also temperature compensated over a range of -40C to + 85C to assure accuracy at almost any temperature.

OEM configuration in a variety of output formats and measuring ranges is a key feature of the Biaxial Tilt Alarm Module. These configurations include switch-type digital output to perform alarm or shutdown (can be set to go into a high or low state); single- or dual-analog outputs; PWM-style signals configured as single- or dual-channel output; multi-level digital outputs; and sinusoidal-matching output to replace the pendulous, mass-type sensors' output style. IDS Electronics also can provide custom programming to satisfy requirements for scale or non-linear output transfer functions.

The Biaxial Tilt Alarm Module is completely potted and sealed, and it pressure washing resistant. It also is SAEJ1455 compliant. Pricing on the complete sensor module starts at $50 each in order increments of less than 100 units, and it costs less than $29 each in orders above 10,000 units.

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