JC Renfroe & Sons Partners with Gosan to Develop Crane Components

Jacksonville, Fla.-based JC Renfroe & Sons has formed a partnership with Bilbao, Spain-based Gosan to develop crane components, which will be used in cranes at the Jacksonville Port, according to a report in the Jacksonville Business Journal. Renfroe manufactures heavy lifting clamps, and Gosan manufactures sheaves, another component used in crane operation.

Gosan recently completed construction on a facility on the property of JC Renfroe & Sons' Springfield neighborhood location. The two companies have done business in the past, but Gosan's move to Jacksonville will allow the company to expand business in its North American markets, said Juan Miguel Gutierrez, managing director for Gosan.

Gosan expects to produce 12,000 to 15,000 sheaves per year, with an initial focus on Florida and the Gulf region, according to the article.