JLG Unveils Updated Mast Boom Lift


JLG Industries Inc., McConnellsburg, Pa., is re-launching its vertical mast lift – T26E, formerly named E26MJ. The T26E mast boom lift features a vertical telescopic mast with a jib that enables operators to reach above and around obstacles to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. Ideal for plant maintenance applications, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) contractors, electrical contractors and workers in automotive plants, the T26E allows operators to easily maneuver around assembly lines, shelving, ductwork and partitions to complete jobs with minimal disruption to worksites.

With the enhanced direct electric drive, the T26E boasts a longer battery life with more duty cycles to increase productivity. The AC motor also features quieter operation with lower maintenance costs.                       

JLG outfitted the boom lift with additional operator support via improved style and control. It has a platform capacity of 500 pounds, overall width of 39 inches and platform height of 26 feet, which makes it compact enough to access hard-to-reach areas and navigate through narrow aisles, and robust enough to hold two workers and their supplies.

“We are excited to introduce the updated T26E mast boom lift, featuring environmentally-friendly electric power,” said Chris Mellott, JLG Industries vice president of sales and market development for the Americas. “The various enhancements will lower the total cost of ownership for rental companies and increase productivity for machine operators.”