J.R. Merritt Introduces New Joystick Controller

J.R. Merritt Controls Inc., Stratford, Conn., has introduced the XL-VNSO Hall-effect joystick controller. The new controller was derived from the high duty-cycle XL-VNSO potentiometric joystick, and uses non-contacting Hall-effect technology. Hall-effect output meets or exceeds CE EMC requirements. This 1-, 2- and 3-axis super rugged joystick for high-duty cycle applications and rough environments is designed to provide precise control of electro-hydraulic proportional valves commonly found on off-road mobile equipment. The XL-VNSO joystick will also accommodate applications that require digital or analog command signals to control variable-speed drives, PLCs and microprocessors, including CANbus, according to the manufacturer. Some of the features of the XL-VNSO include nickel chromium gimbal yokes; hardened steel bearings; polished steel shaft guides; bronze gate handle stops; and dual compression return springs in each axis. A variety of standard and custom gates and a large selection of handles are available.

The XL-VNSO Hall-effect, high duty-cycle joystick controller is suitable for use on cranes, bucket trucks, aerial work platforms and material handling equipment in the forestry, mining, and construction industries.