Kobelco's 600-ton Crawler Crane to Debut at ConExpo

The Kobelco SL6000 crawler crane will make its North American debut at ConExpo/Con-AGG in March. The 600-ton SL6000 is a new model addition, at the top end of Kobelco's comprehensive range of crawler cranes.

The SL6000 features three different configurations. The standard crane has a 276-foot maximum standard main boom; 354-foot maximum long boom; and a Luffer option of 197-foot main boom plus 236-foot luffing jib. The heavy lift crane configuration includes the standard main boom and long boom, plus a Luffer option of 217-foot main boom and 236-foot luffing jib. The super heavy lift configuration includes HL Mast and an additional 551,400 pounds of palette counterweight; 276-foot maximum standard boom; 413-foot maximum long boom; and a Luffer option of 276-foot main boom plus 276-foot of luffing jib.

The 1,082-square-foot footprint of the SL6000 gives it stability throughout the full 360-degree rotation. Powered by a Tier 3-compliant Hino E13C-UV, 429-hp diesel engine, with six variable-displacement hydraulic pumps, the SL6000 offers many of the Kobelco features that contribute to ease of assembly, control and a comfortable cab with all-around visibility.

The SL6000 can be broken down into easily transportable sub-assemblies. The largest individual part is the 9'10”- wide carbody and upper-structure assembly weighing 141,000 pounds, which itself can be broken down to 91,100 pounds for the upper-structure and 49,900 pounds for the carbody with a quick-connection system. By removing the mast assembly with an easy-attachment system, it can be further reduced to 70,600 pounds.

Each fully assembled crawler-track assembly weighs 88,200 pounds, and the boom and jib sections can be 'nested' for transportation. Main winch, auxiliary winch (and optional luffing jib winch) are located in the lower boom, reducing the transportation weight of the base machine. In order to reduce the assembly time and to further reduce the transportation weight of the base machine, Kobelco designed the SL6000 with the boom winch mounted on the mast and with the boom wire rope already reeved through the sheaves of the upper and lower spreader. Assembly on site can be completed in two to four days depending on the configuration.

“Our engineers have continued their legacy of providing solutions to customers needs,” said Jack Fendrick, Kobelco Cranes North America's general manager. “This machine can not only pick the heavy loads, but moves easily and has the standard Kobelco reliability that has built our reputation.”

Also at ConExpo booth G-320 will be Kobelco's 100-ton CK1000-III and 250-ton CK2500-II machines.

For more information, visit www.kobelcocranesnorthamerica.com.