Konecranes Introduces Chain Hoist for Wind Turbine Applications

Springfield, Ohio-based Konecranes, a manufacturer of overhead lifting equipment, offers specialized products and services for wind turbine applications. The wXN Electric Chain Hoist from Konecranes meets the needs of wind turbine applications with a design that delivers multiple benefits.

The wXN Electric Chain Hoist is lightweight, compact, and mounted to a jib crane within the nacelle of the turbine. With a standard lifting capacity from 1/8 to 1 ton and optional higher capacities, the wXN offers performance-enhancing features such as a suspended hook, standard two-speed hoisting, epoxy-painted protection, and efficient heat dissipation through its ribbed design.

The wind power industry commands strict operation requirements because of the unique environment in which the equipment must function. The wXN addresses these requirements with its lightweight, compact, reliable, and cost-effective design. Lifting capacity, lifting speed, and lifting height can be configured based on handling system.

Engineered to work efficiently within the confined area of a wind turbine nacelle, the wXN is a versatile electric chain hoist. The body is constructed from pressure-cast aluminum for optimal and critical weight reduction. The electric control panel encloses all the electrical components, providing easy access for maintenance. Heat-treated and high-precision lubricated gears ensure quiet operation.

Operational efficiency is achieved through the friction torque limiter, which prevents overloading, accidental over-hoisting, and over-lowering. The five-pocket chain wheels are heat treated and ground to ensure smooth lifting. Additionally, upper and lower electric limit switches and electromagnetic disc brakes facilitate effective load handling and simple maintenance.

The wXN ensures operational safety by allowing for service to occur at the hub. This creates obstruction-free access to the hatch in emergency situations. For additional operational safety, motors are equipped with standard low voltage control. The wXN can also be customized to fit the restrictions of particular applications, offering remote control operation, extra load limit switches, hour counters, and protection above the standard IP55 class.

For more information, visit www.konecranesamericas.com.



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