Liebherr and Link-Belt Cranes Generate Excitement at Bauma

Lift and Access staff on-site at Bauma reported the 1,322-ton capacity Liebherr 11200-9.1 all-terrain crane and 90-ton capacity Link-Belt HTT-8690 truck crane have created a lot of excitement at the world's largest construction equipment tradeshow.

Liebherr's flagship nine-axle LTM 11200-9.1 features a 328-foot eight-section telescopic boom that is 52.5 feet longer than its next largest model, the LTM 1500-8.1, and it is fully automatically extended to and fixed at the desired length. A 180-foot radius is achieved with the help of a 10-foot lattice head section. The luffing fly jib can be extended to 413 feet and reaches lifting height of up to 558 feet. Total counterweight is 445,000 pounds. Additionally, the Y-shaped telescopic-boom guying system increases load capacity.

The active, speed-dependent rear-axle steering developed by Liebherr is integrated into the nine-axle chassis. Travel speed is 27 mph, and operational weight is 211,640 pounds.

Shown in the image at the top, the operator cab on the LTM 11200-9.1 lowers to the ground, offering easy accessibility. At least 10 orders for the LTM 11200-9.1 have been reportedly placed at the show.

First-time exhibitor Link-Belt Construction Equipment, Lexington, Ky., displays its 90-ton capacity HTT-8690 telescopic truck crane at the Bauma, and the company reports its is garnering quite a bit of interest.

The HTT-8690 was first introduced last fall at the company's Crane Fest and offers a 29-foot turning radius, transverse differential locks, and four-wheel steering. Four-wheel steering is a significant feature to the European marketplace, providing better roadability and maneuverability when operating in tight, congested areas both on and off road. As a truck crane, the HTT-8690 offers a lower cost of ownership. With these prominent features, this unit offers buyers in Europe a viable alternative to all-terrain cranes, which Link-Belt said is the reason the crane has received a considerable amount of attention at the show.

The HTT-8690 features Link-Belt's innovative five-section, 140-foot formed boom with the patented locking and latching system. Each boom section extends independently using one double-acting, single-stage hydraulic cylinder with integrated holding valves. The boom requires no greasing because Teflon wear pucks self-lubricate the boom sections. Maximum tip height is 237 feet with two 16-foot lattice inserts between the boom head and the optional 35- to 58-foot bi-folding lattice. All attachment combinations have offset positions of 2, 15, 30, and 45.