Liebherr Unveils Vertical Line Finder and Horizontal Load Path Features | Construction News

Liebherr Nenzing has announced two control-assistances devices that increase operator comfort and safety for its LR 1300 lattice-boom crawler crane.

Liebherr's Litronic control system is already well-known for user friendliness, and the company's newly unveiled vertical line finder and horizontal load path systems add new dimensions to operator ease and comfort.

The new features also help to increase both safety and efficiency on the jobsite.


Vertical line finder

The vertical line finder ensures that the load on the rope is hoisted with perfect
verticality. It helps the operator avoid side pull caused by the long distance between operator and load or asymmetric centers of gravity.

To use it, the operator simply  presses a button on the joystick and brings the crane’s boom and hoist winches, as well as the swing, into the correct position. Crosshairs on the monitor show whether the hoist line is vertical. The system's operation is interrupted either when the crane operator releases the button or as soon as the crane reaches maximum lifting capacity.

The vertical line finder enhances jobsite safety by helping prevent possible collisions with obstacles and people, and by making it easier to lift even when the operator's view is obstructed. It also helps extend the crane's life by making operation smoother, thereby reducing stress on structural components.

Horizontal load path
The second newly presented device for Liebherr crawler cranes is the horizontal load
path. Thanks to this system, comfort during crane operation is increased as loads can
be moved to the projected position more efficiently and precisely, even in blind spots.

In addition, it facilitates the coordination of loads during lifting operations with more
than one crane involved.

The horizontal load path is also activated by pressing a button on the joystick. The load
is then moved horizontally at a constant height. Thus, boom and hoist winches are
coordinated with the push of a single button, which significantly improves ease of operation.

The vertical line finder and the horizontal load path are currently available for Liebherr’s
300-tonne-crawler-crane LR 1300. In the future, both devices shall be available for the
entire LR series up to 300 metric tonnes (330 tons).

The following animation offers further details on both crane assistance features: