Lifting Gear Hire Reports Perfect 2009 Safety Record

Through Sept. 11, 2009, Lifting Gear Hire Corporation has recorded zero lost time accidents and zero medical aids or restricted duty cases for over a year at its Bridgeview, Ill., facility.

“In some ways, having no medical aids or restricted duty is even more impressive, because not all injuries end up with lost time,” said Doug Dikun, safety administrator for Lifting Gear Hire.

By this time last year, Lifting Gear Hire had several recordable injuries, meaning injuries requiring medical treatment beyond first aid, among its 110-strong work force. Lifting Gear credits the company’s commitment to safety training for the reduction in accidents in 2009.

“Our safety training is vast and covers a variety of topics,” Dikun said. “Each month is planned, scheduled, and then set up by me with current information. It is also provided in English and Spanish to all locations.”

All programs and materials are also reviewed and approved annually by the company’s Safety Committee Meeting, ensuring that they are up-to-date with the latest OSHA, EPA and Lifting Gear-Mandated Safety and Environment training.