Low Headroom Built Up Hoisting Machinery Meets Class D and E Requirements

American Crane and Equipment Corporation, Douglassville, Pa, has expanded its current product line to include a standardized industrial hoist machinery meeting Class D and E requirements. All equipment is designed per CMAA Specification #70 Revised 2004. Certification is available upon request.

The built up hoist is available in capacities up to 300 tons and is designed for high speed and heavy duty service. The hoist features the quality components, Magnetek (Electromotive) AFD controls, hardened steel wheels, helical travel drive gearing, forged steel hook, hardened steel sheaves, and double grooved drum for true vertical lift. Optional features include hardened drum grooves, power circuit paddle limit, redundant holding brake, redundant drum brake, overload limiter and full quality assurance documentation.

American Crane performs repairs, inspections, retrofits, and on-site maintenance as well as supplying spare parts for its own cranes and other manufacturers.