Manitou Adds M Series RT Straight-Mast Forklift to Product Offerings | Daily Construction News

forklift operator

Manitou has launched the M Series straight-mast forklifts for the North American market. Operators of the new series will appreciate increased visibility and an oversized cab with an open cab or closed cab with A/C. A lower two-step entry is wider and has a lower height than previous models, making it easier to access the machine and increasing comfort on the job. Visibility is improved through the use of large windows, allowing clear view of the forks to optimize accuracy.


Four machines make up the M Series—the two-wheel drive M30.2 and M50.2 and four-wheel drive M30.4 and M50.4. Maximum capacity on the M30 models is 6,614 lbs., and maximum lift height is 22’11.5”; capacity on the M50 models is 11,023 lbs., and maximum lift height is 19’8”. Mast tilt angle on the machines is 12° to the front and 6° to the rear.


All four M Series are powered by a Tier 4 interim 75-hp Perkins four-cylinder 854F engine, which improves fuel economy and provides optimal torque for maximum performance. Maximum travel speed for the M30 units is 13.7 mph and 16 mph for the M50 machines.


Overall, the machines weigh between 13,600 and 18.660 lbs. The M30 units measure 8’0.5” tall, 6’3.5” wide, and 11’3” long (length to the fork is 15’3”). The rough-terrain frame is designed to resist stresses often seen in rough-terrain applications, increasing the frame and component life.