Manitowoc Introduces Two New Potain Models

A variety of types of cranes, including mobile and tower cranes produced by Manitowoc Crane Group, Manitowoc, Wis., will make their debut at Bauma this month.

Growing demand for topless tower cranes • which have no 'A-frame' or 'cathead' so more cranes can overlap on job sites • has spurred the company to introduce two new Potain models: the MDT218 and MCT88. The MDT218 is the fourth and largest addition to the MDT product line. The crane comes in two versions • 8.8 and 11 tons. Further flexibility is available as two masts offer under hook heights of either 183 feet on a 5.2-foot mast or 214 feet on a 6.5-foot mast. Maximum jib is 213 feet.

The MCT88 is the first topless model from the company's MC range of city cranes. MC cranes are small, quick to erect and quick to transport. The MCT88 features Potain's aerodynamic counter-jib design. It offers a 5.5-ton maximum capacity and a maximum jib of 170.6 feet, at which distance it can lift 1.2 tons. Also new is the MR295, Potain's latest luffing jib tower crane that the company announced last year.

Of Potain's self-erecting cranes, the latest additions include the Igo T70 and Igo MC13. The Igo T70 employs a telescopic two-section mast that increases its height through the addition of auxiliary sections. The crane has a maximum capacity of 4.4 tons and lifts 1.4 tons at its maximum radius of 131.2 feet. Shorter jib lengths are available. Meanwhile, the Igo MC13 is equipped with a trailer axle, making it highly mobile and maneuverable. Users can tow the Igo MC13 at speeds up to 15 mph when carrying full counterweight, without exceeding 13.2 tons on the single rear-axle. The crane erects easily in less than 30 minutes, making it a perfect candidate for short-term jobs. Maximum capacity is 2 tons and maximum jib is 72.2 feet, at which radius it lifts 0.7 tons.