NAI Supplies Overhead Crane for ThyssenKrupp Facility

North American Industries (NAI), Woburn, Mass., has replaced an existing overhead crane for ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems Inc. in its Fort Worth, Texas, manufacturing facility. ThyssenKrupp, part of ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG, purchased two cranes from NAI in 2001 for the Fort Worth facility. NAI has continued to provide service and parts to the customer since that time and was pleased to provide this new crane system in support of its continued growth.

NAI designed and installed a 20-ton top-running double-girder bridge crane with an 87-foot span running the entire length of the building. The crane will be used to transport ThyssenKrupp's airport passenger boarding bridges through its manufacturing process.

"The overall thoroughness was impressive,” Mike Wiens, ThyssenKrupp plant manager, says of NAI, which provided prints and timely updates, initiated regular planning communications. “We were most pleased with the project manager that facilitated the installation. He was very knowledgeable and focused, possessing a genuine concern for limiting any possible downtime we may have due to this process. In addition, the crane was adequately and safely tested upon completion."

George Wheelwright, NAI sales manager, said the company focused on providing highly-engineered overhead lifting systems designed to meet specific operational objectives. “And we take pride in providing a seamless experience for our customers,” he continued. “Any time we receive a repeat order, it validates the good work we do in support of our customers.” Over half of NAI's business comes from repeat customers, according to the company.