New Dual Axis Tilt Safety Switch For Aerial Lift Applications

The Fredericks Company, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., a manufacturer of precision sensors, has announced availability of a new Dual Axis Tilt Safety Switch.

Specifically developed for the aerial lift industry, the switch is a direct replacement for the electromechanical-type level sensors currently being used in many scissor and boom lifts. The robust and compact unit combines Fredericks' Dual Axis True Tilt Sensor technology with a proprietary-embedded microcontroller containing signal conditioning circuitry for accurate, repeatable, and safe tilt outputs.

Unlike the electromechanical-type level sensors, the Dual Axis Tilt Safety Switch is a self-contained unit, with no mechanical parts that need to be reset or repaired in the field. John Weigner, director of sales for the Fredericks Company, said the safety switch's flat packaging and seal mean it should last longer than traditional sensors.

The Dual Axis Tilt Safety switch is currently being marketed towards OEMs. Weigner expects manufacturers to add the switch as part of their modifications. He said there is potential for after-market use, but it's unclear how easy it would be to retrofit the switch.

Key features include fast installation via infrared light-source programming, factory programmed trip points, damping and delays, OEM reprogramming of trip point angles, "auto zero" to eliminate cumbersome mechanical zeroing, and hermetic sealing from dirt and moisture for years of continuous operation.

Weigner said the switch would be compatible with most brands of scissor and boom lifts.

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