New Jeep Attachment Expands Capability of Traksporter

Beck Inc., Waupun, Wis., announces the addition of a 55-ton Jeep attachment for use with the company's Traksporter, a self-propelled crawler system. The Traksporter enables heavy, awkward objects to be moved in areas where it is difficult or impossible to use a forklift. A turntable with an aggressive anti-slip pattern and bearings underneath allow the crawler to rotate under the machine being moved.

The basic Traksporter crawler pad has a pulling capacity of 75 tons; up to 30 tons can be directly applied on the crawler turntable. When used in conjunction with the new Jeep attachment, the device has a moving capacity of 100 tons.

The Jeep features five 6-inch diameter steel rollers with continuous shaft, and measures 34”x31”. Optional nylon rollers with shaft are also available. The attachment includes -inch steel storage box and balanced pick point.

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