New Parker Hannifin Hoses Increase Forklift Operator Visibility

Parker Hannifin, Wickliffe, Ohio, has released its 692 hose line, which is designed specifically for material-handling and over-the-sheave applications. The design and construction of the 692 hose allows for a tighter bend radius compared to other hoses on the market, which saves space in the mast and increases visibility for the operator.

Traditionally, components must be moved or reduced in size in order to improve visibility for a forklift operator. However, Parker's new 692 hose addresses both concerns. For one, the 692 hose enables smaller pulleys to be used in the mast area, freeing up space. And with a smaller outside diameter than other hoses, more area is gained in the mast area, which improves visibility.

"Parker's new 692 hose provides a continuous 3,000 psi pressure rating for all sizes and a 4:1 safety factor, which enables this hose to work on most forklift models," said Greg Reardon, business development manager for Parker Hose Products Division.