In New Partnership, Snorkel Adds Towable Scissor Lift to Product Line

Snorkel International, St. Joseph, Mo., has reportedly formalized a relationship with Portable Lift Equipment, Beresford, S.D., to add its trailer-mounted scissor lift to Snorkel’s product offerings. The machine was displayed by UpRight at APEX last fall, and the agreement now extends to Snorkel’s line in North America. Painted in the company's orange-and-white color scheme, the towable scissor lift will first be displayed by Snorkel next week at The Rental Show.

Snorkel noted there are significant benefits for offering this machine to its customers. The trailer-mounted scissor lift features the operational benefits of an electric scissor lift and can be towed by almost any light vehicle. Ideal for contractors and DIY workers, the scissor lift’s access capabilities and ease of use make it a perfect substitute for tower scaffolding. Applications for this product are widespread, ranging from street light and sign/billboard work to garage forecourts and roller door maintenance.

“Primarily the advantage is simplicity and efficiency—a contractor can drive up to a rental store, hitch the lift to his truck or car, and then get straight on with the job,” said Dan Jenkins, Snorkel spokesperson.

With a 23-foot platform height, the towable scissor lift features fully automatic levelling from four electrically actuated outriggers, which provides speedy and safe access to a wide range of maintenance and construction applications. Key specifications include a 500-pound platform capacity, 6.5’ x 5.7’ outrigger footprint, and a 3.9’ x 8’ platform size with the deck extended. When stowed, the unit measures 7.4 feet tall, 5 feet wide, and 10.5 feet long. Overall, the machine weighs 2,557 pounds. The scissor lift is powered by 24v DC deep-cycle batteries.

In addition to the auto-levelling outriggers with the load-limiting device, standard features include an on-board battery charger, removable guardrails, tilt alarm, non-slip platform and extension deck, an overload alarm, and a one-year parts and labor warranty. The scissor lifts options include a tool tray, power to the platform, a spare tire, and a narrow jacking option with reduced work height.

Following the APEX show, UpRight sold machines in Europe and Scandinavia. “We’re creating a new market for a new product, so we are confident sales will grow and develop,” Jenkins said. Along with the newly rebranded Snorkel TL articulated trailer-mounted aerial lifts, which the company also will display at The Rental Show, Jenkins said Snorkel is excited to be able to offer these towable products through its network of manufacturers’ representatives.