New Transmitter and Receiver for Remote Control

Tele Radio, Askim, Sweden, has launched an additional transmitter and receiver within its system T70-Jaguar remote control. Both the new transmitter and receiver have been developed to be used in demanding environments that include temperature variations as well as the occurrence of dust, vibrations, oil, and dampness. Their working temperature range is -4 degrees C to 131 deg F and they are classified IP65 against dust, water, and dampness.

The new transmitter and receiver have several function selections that are programmable via the transmitter’s buttons. For example, the functions provide the ability for two receivers to be controlled, perform two lifts using one overhead crane, and automatic shutdown. Each transmitter has a unique ID code and comes with three alkaline batteries. The transmitters’ housing has an ergonomic design.

For both security and ergonomic reasons, the stop button of the transmitter is placed on the right side of the transmitter. When the transmitter’s stop button is pressed, information will be sent to the receiver and the transmitter shuts off. The receiver is equipped with power supply alternatives of either 12-24 V AC/DC or 48-230 V AC. It is available in two versions, one with nine relays and one with 15. The relays can be programmed with latching functions and/or interlocking functions.

Both the transmitter and the receiver have been developed to focus on remote control of mobile- and lifting applications. For the American and Asian markets, they have been developed and are approved for controlling overhead cranes.